27 September 2022

Rock detectives

As promised to our aspiring Petrologists and Geologists in Middle Fell here is a link to an interactive map that lets you search wherever you want and look at the bedrock of that area:


We had fun…

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Image of Habitat explorers
15 September 2022

Habitat explorers

We really enjoyed getting outdoors this afternoon looking at different creatures in their micro habitats. Everyone was very careful with the creatures we found and had some super observations about them using our magnifying glasses to help us. Top scientists!

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Image of Curiosity Cube
14 July 2022

Curiosity Cube

Thankyou to everyone who continues to be so involved with our science project- we now have a curiosity cube so the children can get up close and examine a range of things to make them wonder.
Thankyou to Evie for the egg shells :-)

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Image of Animal fact files
7 July 2022

Animal fact files

We have really enjoyed working on the tablets this afternoon as part of our science work to create animal factfile- we are so pleased with the quality of work and the discussions the children had. Our first group completed the tasks today and group two will take a turn tomorrow :-)

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Image of Home- school science partnership
7 July 2022

Home- school science partnership

Just another thankyou to everyone who has been so enthused with our Science topic and been bringing in leaves that have been nibbled (food chains in action) and nests and egg shells they have found inspired by our Science topic of animals and their habitats and also Carly's discovery of an egg…

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Image of Plant observation
28 April 2022

Plant observation

In science we are learning about plants, last week we looked closely at the different parts of plants and today we did some planting in our outdoor area.

We talked to the children about what they would like to grow and have today planted potatoes, peas, pansies and nasturtiums.

We have our…

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Image of RSPB's Big Birdwatch
28 January 2022

RSPB's Big Birdwatch

We really enjoyed getting out into the school grounds to take part in the RSPB's big garden birdwatch.

It was lovely to see how excited everyone got when we spotted some of the birds from our spotter sheet- well done Cross Fell!

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Image of Susan's Farm
2 November 2021

Susan's Farm

Cross Fell were really fortunate to beable to bring their learning about habitats to life by enjoying a visit to Susan's Farm. It is fantastic to beable to get really hands on with our learning and take our learning outside of the classroom.

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Image of Cross Fell's visit to Susan's Farm
2 November 2021

Cross Fell's visit to Susan's Farm

We had a wonderful day yesterday at Susan’s Farm

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Image of Flinty's Botanic Gardens trip
18 October 2021

Flinty's Botanic Gardens trip

Flinty Fell had a great visit to Durham to tour the Botanic Gardens there- a great trip to bring their science and topic learning to life.


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Image of Butterflies!
7 June 2021


Exciting news. Over the holidays Park Fell's butterflies emerged from their cocoons. They are beautiful. We will release them tomorrow.

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Image of Flinty Fell investigate
20 May 2021

Flinty Fell investigate

Calling all designers and investigators!

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