Image of Middle Fell's digestion experiment
8 June 2023

Middle Fell's digestion experiment

Middle Fell really enjoyed bringing their science learning to life by taking part in a digestion experiment today, great work Middle Fell!

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Image of Cross Fell's learning about plants
9 May 2023

Cross Fell's learning about plants

Cross Fell are really enjoying watching to see how our plants are changing over time and are working hard to make sure that they are allowing the plants to thrive by caring for them in the right way.

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Image of Professor Pumpernickel brings Science to life!
24 March 2023

Professor Pumpernickel brings Science to life!

What an amazing show the children from the Federation enjoyed this morning with Professor Pumpernickel. It had the children enthralled from start to finish and really boosted and inspired their learning in Science.  We are so lucky to have such fantastic experiences for the children to enjoy, huge…

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Image of Identifying seeds
10 March 2023

Identifying seeds

Some super work in science looking at a range of different seeds today, we talked about what was the same and what was different and then worked on observing closely to identify the different seeds using the seed packets to help us. We ended our session by following the instructions to carefully…

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Image of Changing shape
9 March 2023

Changing shape

Today in science we have been thinking about materials. We investigated whether we could change the shape of a range of materials by pushing, pulling, stretching and bending. Careful testing everyone- well done!

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Image of Waterproof materials testing
8 February 2023

Waterproof materials testing

Today we have been testing a selection of materials using a pipette to simulate raindrops and consider why some materials let water through and others do not, we linked our learning to our superhero topic to see if we could find the best materials to fix our superhero's suit. It was fantastic to…

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Image of Middle Fell's Winter Watch
26 January 2023

Middle Fell's Winter Watch

Middle Fell today had a day filled with poetry writing/editing in Literacy, exploring the UK in Geography and even participated in the BBC’s Live Winterwatch from the comfort of their own classroom!

They learned lots about how habitats, food chains and biomes all interact with one another as…

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Image of Middle Fell's sound experiments
30 November 2022

Middle Fell's sound experiments

Middle Fell have really enjoyed making their own instruments using what they have found out about pitch and volume.

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Image of Seasonal changes- staying safe
24 November 2022

Seasonal changes- staying safe

We loved learning about seasonal changes and how to stay safe on those long Winter nights.

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Image of Wonderful weather
8 November 2022

Wonderful weather

Wonderful learning about seasonal weather today, we have loved making our own windmills and identifying different kinds of weather.

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Image of Middle Fell soil detectives
18 October 2022

Middle Fell soil detectives

Today Middle Fell have become Soil Detectives! Quite a messy affair, but everyone got stuck in!

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Image of Cross Fell- sorting and classifying
13 October 2022

Cross Fell- sorting and classifying

Cross Fell have enjoyed using a range of simple equipment to observe a range of leaves closely. We sorted our leaves and used our books  and tablets to help us to identify what they were. Great job everyone!

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