Our school curriculum extends beyond the National Curriculum, providing a diverse range of enriching experiences and opportunities both in and beyond the school day. 
Our pupil passports structure our wider opportunities programme, We believe in giving all children the breath of experiences needed to develop their roles of active and responsible citizens.

To further enhance children's learning and experience, we also offer:

Whole School /federation Theme Days/ Events and Celebrations which are woven into the curriculum to extend pupils' opportunities. Examples include: Anti-bullying Week, World Book Day,  Harvest Festival,  Remembrance, Mental Health Awareness Week, Chinese New Year, Eid Ul Fitr

Community Link Events where our pupils benefit from their connection with the local community. Opportunities include: monthly Community Breakfast, singing for elderly groups, collecting for the local foodbank, and participating in annual events such as carol services and the lantern parade .

 Educational Visits and Residentials, an integral part of the education , aimed at bringing learning alive and providing first-hand experience. Pupils have visited museums, hunted for fossils, and undertaken rural and city fieldwork. Additionally, children in KS2 take part in outdoor education days and year 6 have a city residential visit, benefiting from experiences such as visiting the Houses of Parliament and the National Portrait Museum..

 Visitors into School, who deliver talks, workshops, and activities across a range of subjects.  A highlight has been a visit by a famous author, Abi Elphinstone. They give pupils access to outside experiences and expertise, providing a link with the wider community. All children worked with the AONB in the past year, focusing on the local environment and extending our historical and geographical knowledge. The Library van comes to visit and also our local book shop owner who delivers surprise book packages.

Roles and Responsibilities -All children i are encouraged to take on roles and responsibilities across the school from school or environmental councillors,personal assistants or classroom helpers. They are also given roles as class experts to coach their peers in their areas of strength.

After-school Clubs, where pupils can participate in extra-curricular activities such as board games, crafts, gardening, homework, construction, enivironment and art.

PE, Sport, and Activity outside of the taught PE curriculum. Children benefit from a sports club provided by a qualified coach. Participation in events through Action Ants provides further skill development and competition between local schools..

Music, Art & Drama provide wider opportunities in the Arts, including  school and federation performances: A Christmas Nativity at KS1. Every other year ,the KS2 children perform a Shakesperean play adapted by them from their learning.

 Homework supports learning from the classroom with termly projects set for parents and carers to undertake alongside children at home. These activities enrich and support their learning from school, engaging parents with their children’s learning and school-life.