We have been working in cross key stage groups to tell you more about the best bits of our school.


Nenthead Primary School Pupil Voice March 2024


EYFS/Key Stage 1

Nenthead Primary school has lots of different areas such as the obstacle course, mud kitchen and football pitch. But, we will be telling you about Ks1. Although it’s called Ks1, we call it the littlies class. The littlies class is led by Miss Morton who is very loving and will help you when needed. If you have done really well with your work, then you can do something called busy play where you can build a train or play with the Lego. If you love to draw with your imagination, there is a drawing board on the TV or you can draw in pencil. When you want a break after a long day, then come and choose a book and read it in our marvellous tent. If you like animals, then come and have a look at our stick insects.

Key Stage 2

The key stage 2 classroom is wonderful. It's bright and it shows off your child’s work. In our school, we have something called TEDS and whoever gets the most TEDS by the end of the week gets to pick out the prize box. If you do something good, they might get a TED but they also might get a certificate which you can put it on your fridge or something.

We’ve got lots of supplies whiteboard pens pencils also fountain pens we do a lot of reading in this school. We have got individual laptops if your child needs help with something or they've got a condition the school will help them you can dictate, you can have your own area or something to help you concentrate. We also we have a quiet tent so we can just take 5 minutes. Lucas thinks “It's great that we have ICT with our own laptops in the classroom that are always on charge.” There is also a big whiteboard and opposite it there's a projector they both help us learn.

When you come to this school you will have coloured pencils a pencil or a pen glue stick a ruler and a pencil case.

  Joseph likes “The room is filled with kindness!” In school we are kind we are respectful and we include everyone.

 Luca likes “the children get included in the school council” there's house captains and the actual school counsellors.

 Iris likes “That the school adapts to you.” She dictates her writing by dictating. That is where you tell the tablet what you want to write and that it writes it down for you then you cut it out and stick it in your book. The books that we use to put our working in are different colours. The reading, writing and spelling books are purple, maths and 10 a day books are red and so forth. On the brightly coloured walls, it displays our work it can also display things that might help us you have a maths wall through for instance if we were doing angles it would show the angles and what their names are.

The classroom has big windows which makes it feel like we have a lovely bright space to work in. We have seating for 24 people and we each have lots of space, we regularly change the tables round from individual tables to a big family table so we can all help each other.  


Best-Ever Library


In our amazing school, the library is just one of the areas of peacefulness and learning. It is like you are in a different world full of amazing books, filling your imagination. Our library is the best place to do homework because it is a really easy place to focus at our homework club after school. After a long day why not go to board game club in our incredible library. Or if you are not a board game person come anyway and relax in our library, as many people do, and read whatever you want. There is at least one book or even series for everyone because we have such a wide range of genres and writing styles. What more could you want from a library?




The obstacle course at NPS is marvellous for many reasons including that there are many things to do such as swinging on the ropes or climbing on the net. On the ropes you can do back flips and front flips (tight rope and handles).  The obstacle course is reasonably new so we are always learning new things, you can go either clockwise or anti clockwise climb over or under things, it’s great for improving your balance and gymnastic skills. The floor has a special covering that doesn’t get muddy and protects you if you fall off anything. It’s great for doing rolls, cartwheels and handstands on too. Kids also use some of the obstacles for jumps and set up racing tracks around the outside of it all, it's brilliant for tig. In the fenced area there is also a blackboard which we can draw on and we use hoops and balls safely in there.


The wild area is awesome because it has a sandpit, an area for people to pretend their baking, there are 2 little huts for them to go inside, just around the corner there’s a hidey hole by a bush and there is a gap you can fit into. After you play in the mud kitchen, you need to tidy up after yourself. We can dig in parts of the wild area, you can easily get into key stage 1 from the wild area and mud kitchen.