Image of Materials and their uses
2 February 2024

Materials and their uses

We continued our work on materials in our Science sessions this week.

Unfortunately Cross Fell were not impressed by Mrs Brown's new inventions and were very quick to point out why they thought that a glass hammer, chocolate tea pot and cardboard shoes were not going to make her rich and famous…

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Image of Materials fun in Cross Fell
22 January 2024

Materials fun in Cross Fell

Cross Fell are really enjoying their new topic- materials. We have been adding to our working wall each lesson building our knowledge and understanding of the topic. It has been wonderful to see everyone getting to grips with our key vocabulary that we are adding each session and accessing the…

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Image of Middle Fell fantastic skeletons
19 January 2024

Middle Fell fantastic skeletons

Middle Fell have been busy making some fantastic skeleton puppets to explore the bones in the body.

Everyone was in the zone for this one!  Well done Middle Fell ☺️

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Image of Flinty's Space Exploration!
19 January 2024

Flinty's Space Exploration!

This afternoon, Flinty Fell took part in The Spaceship Earth Primary Show in association with the Stem Hub.

It was great fun! Flinty got to join Mission Control on our exciting Earth observation to view our beautiful planet from space. They also got to virtually visit the orbiting satellites…

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Image of Middle Fell classifying
15 November 2023

Middle Fell classifying

Middle Fell have had a marvellous time hunting for and classifying invertebrates in our local area today 

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Image of World Science day 2023
10 November 2023

World Science day 2023

It is world Science day today and so to mark the occasion each of the classes really enjoyed taking part in some experiments to get us excited about our Science learning in school.

Cross Fell were really excited by their experiment as you can see!

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Image of Inspirational science in action!
18 October 2023

Inspirational science in action!

We had the privilege of having a special guest in school today!

Miss B came to spend the day with us discussing routes into STEM jobs, the important work currently being undertaken by Scientists and to offer us an insight into life as a woman in STEM. We made sure that time was also made to…

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Image of Using our senses- crisp experiment! What flavour crisps do you have?
5 October 2023

Using our senses- crisp experiment! What flavour crisps do you have?

We continued our work on the senses in science today looking at how we use our sense of taste.

We carried out an experiment to determine whether we can tell the flavour of crisp from taste alone.

We tested 3 different flavours, thinking about how the crisps tasted and talked to our…

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Image of Cross Fell Science
28 September 2023

Cross Fell Science

This half term we have been learning about animals including humans in our science lessons.

After looking at how we have grown and changed over time we looked at, identified and labelled the basic parts of the human body having fun matching the labels to our fantastic model! 

Our next steps…

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Image of Park Fell's Forest School fun
28 September 2023

Park Fell's Forest School fun

Park Fell have been really enjoying their forest school sessions where they can really get hands on with their understanding the world area of learning. It is lovely to see everyone so engaged and enjoying their learning.

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Image of Pupil voice in action!
29 August 2023

Pupil voice in action!

The children have been so inspired by their learning about plants in our science topic in Cross Fell that they have requested an outdoor area in which to grow fruits and vegetables. Their wish was granted and planting of carrots, beetroot, strawberries, beans, potatoes, mint, parsely and a range…

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