Collective Worship

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Our school's collective worship strengthens our shared ethos and values. It is specifically designed to provide a welcoming environment for all pupils, regardless of religious beliefs. We have identified several key objectives for our collective worship program:
• To make core values explicit and encourage pupils to explore their own beliefs and motivations.

• To foster individual spiritual growth while cultivating compassion and empathy towards others' beliefs, practices and values.

• To promote a sense of community and belonging while encouraging pupils to consider their role as citizens.

• To acknowledge and celebrate each child's unique identity and potential.

• To mark special occasions with ceremonies of commemoration or celebration.

• To provide quiet time for pupils to contemplate fundamental existential questions.

• To inspire hope, aspiration, and a sense of wonder.

All participants in collective worship, including pupils, staff, and visitors are valued and respected, regardless of their faith or belief system. We acknowledge and respect each pupil's response and provide opportunities for them to express their feelings.

Our daily act of collective worship is based on a broadly Christian foundation while drawing inspiration from a diverse range of faiths, beliefs and traditions. It includes elements of participation, listening, watching, discussing, answering questions, singing and sharing in quiet times.

Weekly schedule includes Picture News on Mondays, singing celebrations on Tuesdays, staff-led collective worship on Wednesdays, and 'Special Person' celebration on Fridays. Our collective worship program is planned half-termly and is intended to enhance the spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of pupils. It provides reflective opportunities and celebrates and recognizes each pupil's potential.